The 10 most amazing hotel room views



One of the most important things about travelling is that we are able to see amazing places that we usually cannot see at home. When choosing a place to visit, travellers often prefer locations with breathtaking scenery or peculiar architecture. If you’re going to one of the world’s most magnificent places, what can be even more tempting than a hotel room with windows overlooking these beautiful scenes? To maximize your travelling experience, we searched for the top 10 hotel rooms from all around the world that have the most amazing views right from their windows.

10. Hotel Grotta Palazzesse, Polignano a Mare, Italy

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Hotel Grotta Palazzesse, a magnificent hotel that is situated on the cliffs of Polignano, is one of the world’s most amazing places with a stunning view to the Adriatic Sea and its nearby cliffs. What to know about the town of Polignano a Mare is that it’s an amazing medieval town with narrow streets, and its houses are built on the cliffs. The hotel got its name from the cave that it has built in. It stands 24 metres high and is famous for its restaurant, not only because it is nestled into a limestone cavern, but also because of the food and the vast amount of quality wine they are serving. Enjoy the romantic view from your own hotel room balcony.