10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women



I think most of us agree that Christmas is one of the most intimate holidays of all. This is the time of the year when we show our loved ones how much we care about them. But if it comes to giving gifts, some of us gets into a really big trouble deciding what to give, especially if it’s for a girlfriend. We want to give something special and personal, something that can express our feelings properly but not cheesy at the same time.. What happens actually is meanwhile we are wondering about the perfect present, time flies by and we find ourselves in a crazy rush at the last couple of days before christmas and let’s be honest: it always ends with getting something conventional and cliché. Try to avoid awkward moments and unpleasant glances from your girlfriend this year; show her your creativity and thoughtfulness! We made a list of girly things trending this year that will rock her world!

10. Mason jar full of cosmetic stuff

courtesy of: pinterest.com

This year the internet is full of these gift-in-a-jar ideas. Probably your girlfriend saw a few of these despite you – by any chance – didn’t. What you need is a big jar and a heap of girly things like make-up, manicure, lipstick, perfume, skin lotion and basically anything else you think she would like. Certainly it’s a safe gift to give, it’s really hard to blow this up.