10 Most Expensive Modern Apartments



Everyone is fantasizing about their dreamhome; how they would design it, how many rooms will it have, how big the pool will be and other very important details. Now we gathered the 10 most expensive apartments from all around the world so you can have a few ideas for your fantasies, or if you fall in love with one of them, well, they are open to the market. If you think that having 2 or 3 floors is luxury, wait until you reach the top 3 most expensive apartments; they have a lot more to offer.

#10 Avenue du President Kennedy Paris, France – 50 million dollars

Courtesy of: assets.luxuryrealestate.com

How about waking up to the view of the iconic symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower? In this luxurious 2-story penthouse it’s not just a dream, it’s reality. This incredible apartment even has a security room and staff quarters. Amazing, right? And I didn’t even mention the sauna, spa, gym and the rooftop terrace. Oh, and the best part is; the apartment has its own rip-off statue of David.