10 Most Luxurious Bathrooms



For most of us, caught up in the morning rush after having put the alarm on snooze one time too many, the morning visit to the bathroom is just part of our regular routine. It’s all about jumping in and out of the shower, in the shortest time possible, so as to commute to work and get there on time. Not if you own anything like these blissful bathrooms, steeped in luxury, style and the stuff that dreams are made of. Of course, if you’ve got the budget for one of these babies, it’s unlikely that your helicopter commute takes longer than a 30-minute ride!

10. – The Kingston Tree house at Lion Sands Game

courtesy of: viralbru.com

This is the treehouse of boyhood dreams! Here is where family Robinson travels in time to the 21st Century and is given a serious upgrade to a stylish, contemporary and ultra plush home. The Kingston Tree House is structurally impressive, made from wood and glass, thereby leaving guests immersed in the African bush, while at the same time protecting them from the elements (and, incidentally, also the wildlife!) Stargazing while showering is not considered to be optional, but it’s a highly recommended must! Complete with drawbridge and footpath this stand-alone tree house offers 360 degree view of the breath-taking surroundings.