10 Recycled Container Homes that you Would Want to Move in Immediately



Have you heard of container houses? Maybe this can seem like a crazy idea, but it’s incredible what can be made of some recycled shipping containers. At least when we saw these, we wanted one for ourselves immediately. Check our list and let your mouth fall open.

10. Container Guest House by Poteet Architects, USA

container mobile house 10
courtesy of: archdaily.com

The idea of this building originated from a lady who wanted to build a guest house from a shipping container. As Poteet Architects is known from their innovative and adaptive approach of existing buildings and modern interior design, they took the job and build this cosy holiday house for her. The building has a beautiful interior, completed with a shower, a custom stainless sink and a toilet. When working on the project, Poteet Architects’ main idea was to use sustainable methods to make it permanent. The planted roof provides shade and air-flow, the interior is insulated with spray foam and lined with bamboo plywood, the toilet is composting, and the grey water from the sink can be reused to water the roof plants.