20 Photos That Prove That You Don’t Have a Clue How Your Food is Grown



We all know how our food looks like, but I can bet that wouldn’t have ever thought about where does it come from? Does it grow on a tree or a bush? Is it underground or above it?

No worries now, I am gonna tell you about some of the foods that you wouldn’t have thought how it looks, before coming into our houses. Ever since we have started buying food, we have lost contact with what it might’ve been before coming into grocery stores. So, obviously we have lost touch with what our food looks like as it’s growing.

Here are 20 photos that will prove this theory, and will blow your mind with how actually food is grown!

20. Passion Fruit

20 Photos That Prove That You Don't Have a Clue How Your Food is Grown
Courtesy of: tourismnewslive.com

The exotic flowers attract a number of butterflies and insects and most species have evergreen foliage, which you can use to provide a living privacy screen in your yard. Passionflowers need filtered full sun or partial shade to produce the best flowers.

It is popular in drinks and smoothies, as it is believed to be rich in immune-boosting vitamins as well as iron, riboflavin, and niacin, but would you recognise it if you saw it? It comes from a total alien-looking flower and contrary to wide-ranging belief, it doesn’t grow on trees, but on a vine.