20 Unusual Dining Locations Around the World



The whole idea behind dining at a fancy restaurant is for you to enjoy a sumptuous meal, where staff waits on you and serves you. Practically, you get to just lay back and hey presto, food appears as though miraculously summoned. And – other than not having to raise a single finger in order to prepare said sumptuous meal – the fantastic thing about this is that there are no dishes to wash later. It’s no wonder that women are so keen about dinner dates. Here are 20 restaurants which really know how big a part the restaurant location and overall ambience play in the dining experience.

20. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge Restaurant, Tanzania

courtesy of: www.purezanzibar.com

Nobody can blame you for thinking that the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania is somewhat of a geologist’s field expedition. However, it’s actually a unique fine-dining experience within a luxurious African safari resort. The resort houses an exquisite restaurant built into the rock, and featuring an impressive split-level and a wall of windows, with breath-taking vistas of the crater below and a broad viewing terrace. The décor also features a central fireplace as well as decorative prehistoric cave paintings. The resort also offers to arrange breakfasts, lunches, dinners and also cocktails at a number of dedicated sites in the bush. These special meals feature safari-style tables and chairs, together with a ‘bush bar’ and a ‘bush kitchen’, where a vast menu can be on-site.

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