10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

I think most of us agree that Christmas is one of the most intimate holidays of all. This is the time of the year when we show our loved ones how much we care...
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10 Weird Jobs That Can Actually Make a Living

In the age of networking and virtual everything, making money doing odd jobs is becoming a trend. There are those that make thousands of dollars beta testing video games or making mundane phone calls...

Top 7 Funny and Awkward Moments Captured

Photographers travel the world over on a perpetual hunt for that single image, that unique moment in time, that perfect confluence of subject, light, and shadow. Millions of dollars are spent each year by...

Putting your personality to work

  Have you ever felt that the place you are working at currently is not the right one for you? That you should be doing something completely different? That you could possibly be much more...

20 Unusual Dining Locations Around the World

The whole idea behind dining at a fancy restaurant is for you to enjoy a sumptuous meal, where staff waits on you and serves you. Practically, you get to just lay back and hey...

10 Most Expensive Modern Apartments

Everyone is fantasizing about their dreamhome; how they would design it, how many rooms will it have, how big the pool will be and other very important details.

10 Hilarious Google Street View Photos

Google street view is certainly a fantastic invention originally supported by Google and further developed by the team at our favourite search engine. The technology is what enables Google Maps and Google Earth to...

Top 10 Business Gift Ideas for Clients

When it’s time of the year, show your business contacts –bosses, helpful colleagues, important clients and other stakeholders – how valuable they are to you. Whether you just want to give them a small...

TOP 10 Smart Home Solutions

The latest smart home technology allows you to interact with everything from your cat to your potted plants, even if you are far from home. From the high security August lock to the sweet...

9 Billionaires With Modest House

Just imagine having one thousand million in your bank account. Really, take a few seconds to imagine what that could be like. What would you spend it on? We have a long enough list...