Putting your personality to work



#1 The Fast-Paced Sanguine!

“The world is an awesome place -so long as you can keep on having fun!” – shouts the Sanguine full of joy.

courtesy of: digitaltrends.com

This quote basically sums up the essence of this personality type but let’s look at it a little more specifically diet tablets. What are the most important characteristics of this personality?

  • lively, fun, “just a big child”
  • difficult to offend, if they happen to become depressed, they get over it quickly
  • talk-machine – they can easily talk their way out of even the most hopeless situations
  • they require attention, they are the center of attention at the party
  • they make friends, create relationships easily, because this type is curious and initiates conversations easily – they usually have a great network (since life looks like a party for them, others are more than happy to join in on the fun)

If you have recognized yourself here, let’s see what kind of workplace is the best for you:

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