Top 10 Video Games To Buy



With the holidays just around the corner, wish lists are feeling the pain of gamers world wide marking titles that won’t be out for months. Next year’s games are so exciting that it’s hard to focus on anything else.

The year 2015 saw so many promises of awesome games that it’s nearly impossible to narrow them down to one must-have list. Suffice it to say, you or the gamer in your life should set aside a good chunk of cash and a fair amount of vacation time. Soak it up with your families while you can. You’re going to be spending most of 2016 in virtual worlds.

For the must-haves of the must-haves, here are our Top 10 Video Games To Buy In 2016:

10. The Last Guardian 

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This would be higher up on the list if developer Team Ico hadn’t kept gamers waiting since literally 2009, when the gorgeous puzzler was first announced. Tons of struggles have plagued this release, but the hype hasn’t died down. The developers mean to make good on their promise next year, and gamers will finally get to adventure with the boy and his… what is that thing? A bird? Puppy? Griffin? It doesn’t matter. It looks amazing.

Platform: PlayStation 4

What to play while we wait: Shadow of the Colossus

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