Top 20 Trending Majors With The Highest Salary Potential



Choosing a major is still ahead of you? Or do you consider leaving your job and choose another career? Both cases are difficult if it comes to deciding what education is worth investing in. Of course with having STEM majors can you get the highest paying jobs (STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), but what if none of these fields interests you or you feel that you have no sufficient time and energy to study these areas? One thing is certain: you can still make a stable living in another areas. To help you what major to choose, we made a top 20 list of the highest paying degrees by the average starting salaries.

20. Fashion Design

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If you love clothing and fashion, don’t think any further, get a degree in fashion design! It’s always been a well paid area, because clothing can never be out of style. People always need someone to create trends and clothing designs. With a fashion design degree, you can be a fashion designer, a textile designer or a stylist very easily. Your job would be mostly working on clothing designs and fashion ranges, and if you’re really good, you can even be a famous designer – which also means that you would earn a hell lot more money.
The average starting salary is $41,100, the average mid-career salary is $79,500 in this area.