Top 7 Funny and Awkward Moments Captured



Photographers travel the world over on a perpetual hunt for that single image, that unique moment in time, that perfect confluence of subject, light, and shadow. Millions of dollars are spent each year by legions of professional and amateurs alike on high-tech photo equipment that was once available only to NASA or the military.
Today, almost anyone—whether they take pictures with their low-end smartphone or lug around tons of Nikons and Canons with interchangeable lenses—can create stunning imagery that can tell a story, capture the imagination, or inspire the heart.
But we don’t think that matters at all. If you’ve seen one wide-angle shot of snow-capped mountains, you’ve seen ‘em all. And do we really need more pictures of polar bear cubs nuzzling with mama bear before they grow up to join the ranks of the planet’s most voracious predators? No, we don’t.
What we really need are pictures that put us on our knees with laughter, make us cringe, cause us to reel back in horror, or pull us in closer and make us wonder what the f…?
With that as our mission statement and aesthetic guideline, allow us to present for your amusement-horror-pucker factor and unfettered awe some really bizarre images that will sear themselves into your cerebral cortex for as long as you have one.
Here’s the countdown of some truly “gotcha” moments as seen through lenses around the world:

7.If You Don’t Listen to Me, I Swear I’ll Just Fly Off on My Magic Carpet!

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One can only imagine how captivating this lady’s prepared remarks made against a stiff wind must have been, because the guy with the camera was obviously much more impressed by the coincidental weirdness of the shadow to her left. And judging by the apparent lack of an attentive audience anywhere nearby—even the guys with the flags in the background are keeping their distance from the sound of her voice—flying away would have made for a much better show.