Billionaire Properties No One Would Live In!



Have you ever heard of people who buy huge houses, only to forget about them? Many mansions and other luxurious homes around the world have been abandoned and left to decay because their owners neglected them.

There is a street in London that boasts some of the most expensive houses in the world. But there’s a catch: no one lives in them.

Bishops Avenue is an exclusive street dotted with magnificent mansions that have deteriorated into ruins. The properties are so expensive that no one can afford to buy them. Some of them have been abandoned for more than 30 years. Around 66 houses stand abandoned on the street, according to Metro UK.

The street was built in 1912 by developer Arthur R Goldsmith, who built it for wealthy residents who wanted to live close to London’s West End theater district and Kensington Gardens, which was then called Kensington Park. It quickly became known as “Millionaires Row,” because of its stately mansions and high-end shops. But today, the street has fallen into disrepair—and is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of dead children!

As you can imagine, it’s extremely expensive to buy property on this street. The mansions are magnificent and have been used as filming locations for movies like “The Young Victoria” and “Johnny English Reborn.” Unfortunately, however, many of these homes have deteriorated since their heyday in the 80s and 90s.

These homes aren’t just empty—they’re often falling apart!

11. Bishop of London Owned the Land

Bishop of London Owned the Land
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Located just off the Bishops Avenue in London, England, stands the former residence of the Bishop of London. Constructed in 704, this building has been home to some of the most important figures in history.

This particular building was previously known as “The Street of the Bishops.” In 1894, it was sold to the Church of England and subsequently used as a residence for bishops until 1971. Hourieh Peramaa is its current owner and has spent millions renovating it since purchasing it in 2014.