TOP 20: Weird and Bizarre Celebrity Hobbies



Many assume celebrities lead glamorous lives as the “cool kids.” But their hobbies and interests reveal they can be as silly and eccentric as anyone. Some famous folks have shockingly unexpected pastimes, while others indulge interests a bit too eccentric. This list unveils some of the most outrageous hobbies of beloved celebs. You’ll be surprised to discover the quirky ways even the biggest stars pass time. Their choices prove money and fame allow pursuing even the most bizarre leisure activities.

1. Mila Kunis – Star Trek and World of Warcraft

Mila Kunis’ love of Star Trek and World of Warcraft makes her the ultimate fantasy for geek guys everywhere. Not only is she funny, fun, and gorgeous, but she’s also a total nerd. She has even admitted needing to force herself to stop gaming to get anything done.