40+ Awkward Elevator Moments Caught by Security Cameras



Whether you enjoy it or not, riding an elevator is necessary if your home or office is in a high-rise. However, sharing a small space with strangers can create uncomfortable moments. We’ve all experienced awkward small talk or quiet tension before our stop. The following stories take those familiar elevator inconveniences to hilarious new heights.

Awkward Elevator Moments Caught by Security Cameras

Screenshot from “Watch Us” via EPC Sheriff’s Office/YouTube

Elevator security cameras have captured riders partaking in hilarious and alarming antics. Whether staging practical jokes ranging from silly to frightening, boogying down at impromptu dance sessions, or hosting mini-parties, these folks put a bizarre new spin on a typically mundane experience. After reading these zany stories, you might be tempted to avoid cramped elevators in favor of the stairs!

Elevator Music

You know the awkward quiet that settles when there’s no music in an elevator? These police officers from New Zealand could relate, so they took it upon themselves to inject some smooth jams into the ride.

Elevator Music

Screenshot from ABC News

The officers’ musical talent is top-notch. Their playful energy also suggests they’d thrive starring in a New Zealand version of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. With charmingly goofy antics like these, they could give Jake Peralta’s team some hilarious competition.