9 Billionaires With Modest House



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Ingvard Kamprad (IKEA)

courtesy of: jeleeb.com

Switzerland – $4.6 million

The 87-year old IKEA founder, is reputed to be very careful with money and to live rather frugally, despite being the magnate of the home-furnishing market. Kampard had lived in an unassuming Swiss single-storey villa for almost 40 years, and has only recently returned to his Swedish homeland. His former home in Switzerland had a surface area of 4,150-square-metres and an unobstructed view of Lake Geneva, in a private and quiet neighborhood. His former villa is now for sale at an asking price of four million Swiss francs ($4.6 million). While he maintains a life far removed from luxury and opulence, Kampard, who is a self-confessed recovering alcoholic, also owns a sizeable country estate in Sweden and a vineyard in Provence.