10 Mobile Apps That You Need To Know About



Cell phones certainly top the list of electronic gadgets which we just can’t live without. We love them, use them, abuse them, and are all too eager to trade them in for a newer model with enhanced features. But are we really making the most of our electronic personal assistant cum life-saver? To make sure that you get the most out of your phone, make full use of its potential, and hopefully make your life easier, here are some top apps for you to download now! Most of the apps are available for both iOS and Android phones.

10. Stow

source: SiteMinder

Cost: $2

This app is ideal for frequent travellers (particularly if they are obsessed with hyper-organisation) as it generates personalised lists for trips, be they business or pleasure. The app requires the user to input some personal details (including whether one requires glasses, contact lenses, regular medication), together with other information about the trip so as to be able to generate a customised checklist. The detailed information and suggestions from the practical default app templates ensure that even if you’re packing in a mad rush, you don’t leave anything behind. The app also considers weather options, although it does not link up to live weather data, and is therefore unable to suggest clothing options suited to the weather at the destination. Neat-freaks will be delighted to note that the customised packing checklist can be shared with others via email and printed out as a spreadsheet in uber-organised form!