20 Unusual Dining Locations Around the World

The whole idea behind dining at a fancy restaurant is for you to enjoy a sumptuous meal, where staff waits on you and serves you. Practically, you get to just lay back and hey...
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10 Vintage Photos Of Most Beautiful Female Icons

This collection of vintage photos tell an interesting story of a time that represent love, success, glamour and fame. Enjoy! 10. Sophia Loren Sophia Loren was born on 20 September, 1934 in Rome, Italy. Her career...
Olga Kurylenko

15 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Beauty is subjective; some people value the facial and bodily features of a person, while others value simplicity and the size of one's heart. No matter what, we all appreciate beautiful things and the...
20 Simple Life Hacks for Adults That'll Change Your Life Forever

20 Simple Life Hacks for Adults That’ll Change Your Life Forever

Our lives being an adult can be complicated sometimes, and we will essentially grasp anything that makes it less demanding. Here are a couple of brilliant hacks that will take care of those ordinary...

10 Most Beautiful Private Islands

How many times have you dreamt of escaping the harsh and often unpleasant realities of life and running off to your own private island? Imagine… pure white sand, luscious exotic vegetation, an intimate luxurious...
Refurbished Health Hall on the Market – $168 Million

Billionaire Properties No One Would Live In!

Have you ever heard of people who buy huge houses, only to forget about them? Many mansions and other luxurious homes around the world have been abandoned and left to decay because their owners...

How Has the Ideal Female Body Type Changed During the Last Century?

Fashion allows for personal expression, so people feel passionately about clothing styles. However, the ideal female body type also goes in and out of fashion. In the last 100 years, some body shapes were...
The 20 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have

The 20 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets You Must Have

In case you're aiming to renovate your kitchen or simply love purchasing cool kitchenwares, read our must-have kitchen gadgets list!
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10 Weird Jobs That Can Actually Make a Living

In the age of networking and virtual everything, making money doing odd jobs is becoming a trend. There are those that make thousands of dollars beta testing video games or making mundane phone calls...

The 10 most amazing hotel room views

One of the most important things about travelling is that we are able to see amazing places that we usually cannot see at home. When choosing a place to visit, travellers often prefer locations...